Clear Structures’ specialist glass engineering services span the entire residential sector, from new build and refurbishments to bespoke high-end residential extensions and historic building conversions.

Our ability to solve unusual design challenges has led to an impressive portfolio of projects for many of the UK’s top property developers.

From designing simple glass floor panels and a five-storey glazed solarium projecting from the top corner of a 20-storey retail block in Manchester, we provide practical and imaginative solutions in line with the architect’s vision and suitable for the end user.

Our in-house design and engineering teams offer a complete glass design package tailored to the requirements of each project.

Our many award-winning residential projects include designing a conservatory for a Grade II listed house in Clapham, where we made innovative use of cast glass insulators as structural elements.

For a house in Kent, our all-glass design of a two-storey conservatory, with glass floors, roof and support beams, won a Glassex Award for Design Innovation.

A three-storey glass and timber feature staircase for a new contemporary house at Broadstairs was also notable for its design that allowed the glass units to be installed under tight space and access restrictions, while fully meeting the client’s precise requirements.

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