20th May 2019

Clear Structures gets to the root of the issue at Kew’s Children’s Garden

Known for its unmatched botanical collections and sprawling vistas, Kew Gardens opened its Children’s Garden on May 18th. Offering four distinct areas inspired by plant and flower development, the natural play zone is the size of 40 tennis courts and is mapped around over 100 mature trees.

The project took five years to develop, with work starting in October 2017. Clear Structures was appointed to design the foundations for two features: a twisted net trail and the beech tree parade hoops. Installation for the trail had begun previously, consisting of timber posts and netting, but the supports were not stationary. Clear Structures’ engineers developed a solution to stabilise the structure at its foundation.

Preservation of botanical life is, understandably, a priority at Kew, so the foundations needed to bridge over any adjacent tree roots to avoid damaging them.

Steve Brock, Director at Clear Structures, comments: “The new children’s garden at Kew is a brilliant addition to its robust educational programme for young people. We’re delighted to have contributed to a play area which will inspire and help teach future generations about nature for years to come.”

Along with the net trail and parade hoops, the Children’s Garden features hammocks, trampolines and water area with pumps and a splash pool to create a unique sensory experience and stimulate young imaginations.